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F**K Biden

F**K Biden

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Oracle 651 Vinyl. Rated for 6 years! (longer then Biden in office)
I take a lot of pride in my work, making sure each one is cut perfect so that the quality is the BEST!

All Stickers are cut and shipped within 24 hours!
Made In The USA!

Application Instructions
1. Clean the application area with alcohol or soap & water.
2. Use a squeegee or credit card, press firmly on the decal to ensure that the decal sticks to the application transfer paper.
3. Peel the paper backing away from the decal very slowly
4. Apply decal to cleaned area, pressing firmly go side to side using squeegee or credit card
5.Slowly remove transfer paper. Be careful not to pull the decal away from the area. If decal starts to pull off, apply decal back down and repeat step 4.
6.After transfer tape is removed. Step back and admire your new decal!